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What’s (y)our Story: Thoughts x2

I decided to start of this week by diving headfirst into the theme. I found quotes, lyrics, pictures, etc. that relate to different aspects of my story. The purpose of this was to see the smaller parts of my life and how they relate to each other.

I put some of the pictures I found in my camera roll into a collage for inspiration:

Sleepy Ari
Little me exhausted after an all nighter at my cousin’s.
Some raccoons I saw on campus my freshman year.
Got ice?
One of my favorite places to eat in Fxbrg.
The Moon
I love the moon! I even have a tattoo of it.
Sacred Hearts Club
My senior year of high school I went to a Foster the People concert.
My late kitty JoJo.
Lets Go To The Beach, Beach
I grew up at the beach, it means a lot to me.
I'm Actually Insecure
I found this on the art wall at MOMA in VA Beach.
I Wet My Plants
2 words: plants and coffee

To see the rest of the images used for inspiration visit my flickr inspiration album.

Reflecting on different moments in my life allowed me to truly expand on the meaning of this theme. It’s not “What’s your story?” or “What’s our story?”; it’s both! All of our stories are intertwined. This was most evidently the case when I was going through the process of reading and replying to comments with other people on mine and other’s blogs. Many other people struggle with the same things I struggle with, like the same things I like, or laugh at the same things I laugh at. I then decided to figure out what others had made of the theme, so I checked the class website. It seemed as though many of us were confused on where to take it. Here are 2 posts that I really liked:

  1. Lucy’s What’s (Y)our Story? post:
    • Interested Me: the connection made between the theme and technology.
    • Bring Ideas Together: technology is a huge part of my story and for some reason I didn’t make this connection. I have already gained so many technological skills and it’s only week 2 of ds106. This semester I am determined to learn a new technological skill each week and introduce it on my blog.
  2. Dayton’s What’s (y)our Story? post:
    • Interested me: the theme is like a search
    • Bring Ideas Together: I’ve been searching for “treasure” my whole life and didn’t realize. I will continue to search through my story for the important, meaningful, and forgotten parts.

After loads of reading and thinking, I finally felt as though I was ready to start on week 2. Thankfully, I didn’t have any trouble coming up with connections to the theme: favorite song, one of my majors, and my favorite movie!

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