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Are You Ready to Talk About Plants?

Last week I described my video project idea in my video show project plan post.

Then I created a poster and promo video and blogged about in my second video show project plan post.

After putting in all this work getting ready for the video, I started to brainstorm about what the video will look like, what audio and video elements I want to incorporate, and what applications to use.

I really liked the look of my promo video, but I don’t think the promo poster fits the “vibe” I am going for with my video. I am a pretty bubbly and upbeat person; this is what I want to portray in my video. Although I can show this by just being myself when recording, I want it to also be evident in the intro and outro.

I took to Canva to create a poster for my intro and outro. After completing my video essay, I realized I want more than just still slides used for transitions. While exploring the site I discovered I am able to make animated presentations! So I explored the different templates available to me. I found this really cool one that is super bright and has animated slime balls? It’s awesome and I decided to use it.

I don’t like using what’s already created for me and just changing the text. So, I made some changes of my own:

  1. Changed the background color to green
  2. Adjusted some of the slime to fit better on the screen
  3. Typed the title and subtitle
  4. Changed the color of the text to be cream for the title and purple for the subtitle
  5. Found a stock text that said “Thank you!” and moved it to the desired spot
  6. Changed the text in the intro to mirror that of the outro by adding an echo effect to the text
  7. Moved the Title/subtitle to allow space for a “signature”
  8. Found an animated girl watering flowers to signify me
  9. Added my tag to let everyone know who is making the video



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