Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary : Week 3


Every day this week I checked the main ds106 class site and twitter to stay up to date on other’s work. After last week, I decided to stick with making at least 12 comments per week. I chose 12 because it was the number I accomplished last week and I think I should try to reach it every week for the sake of keeping a regular schedule. I don’t want to do this to keep a counter of comments, but instead to help myself stay on track and learn to come up with comments easier than I can now.

Daily Creates

I finished this week’s daily creates fairly early in the week and really enjoyed them! My favorite was the word art create; I made mine have a Halloween theme and look like Scream.

Even though I finished mine early in the week, I still looked everyday at everyone’s posts on @ds106dc or tagged with the daily create hashtag. I included my comments to other’s works in the section above, but wanted to give credit to some specific daily creates I really enjoyed (Cailyn did this on her last weekly summary and I thought it was a fun idea!): Conner’s #tdc3316, Rosemary’s #tdc3314, and Ronald_2008’s #tdc3318.

Weekly Assignments

Oh. My. God. I thought once I saw that this week was focused around writing. I hate writing, always have. That’s one of the reasons I love my majors so much…. Mathematics and Computer Science, I don’t even have to think about writing. Although I came into this week super bummed, I was shocked by how much fun some of the assignments seemed! But to be completely honest, I didn’t start on my weekly assignments until a day or two after picking out the assignments I wanted to do. I didn’t know where to start and became discouraged before I even started. Finally, I decided to drink some coffee and just get it done. When I started to focus, I realized the assignments weren’t bad like I had thought, it wasn’t even the type of writing I’m so scared of. 3/4 of my weekly assignments are related to the theme: Relaxation Station, Animal Crossing , and Cardinal Collision.

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