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If you haven’t read about my final project ideas, please refer to both of my idea posts and my progress post.

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Progress Post

The two final steps of completing my final project were to create a commercial and finalize my title sequence.

Added Multi-Media

Final Project Flickr Album

SoundCloud Commercial for ds106radio

I didn’t want to incorporate too many sounds into my commercial and make it “busy.” So I decided on only two sounds I wanted to use from FreeSound:

Sounds Used

I chose the coffee/sipping sound because I use clips of me making coffee in Byte Me. I needed a kind of “tech-y” background song for my commercial to tie it to the theme, so I chose an upbeat cyber intro. After downloading both sounds, I imported them into Audacity. The cyber song was wayyyy too loud, so I chose select on only the cyber audio file. Next, I selected Effect -> Loudness Normalization and changed the perceived loudness to -25.0 LUFS.

Audacity Window
Audacity Window

The coffee sound had a little part after the “ah” that I didn’t like, so I selected the end and deleted it. Next, I recorded two separate voice-overs.

Audacity Window

The first is a sort of snippet of what Byte Me is about and the second is the information about Byte Me. I selected and cut just the snippet and pasted it before the coffee sound. I did the same with the info voice-over, but put it after the coffee sound. I noticed that my voice-overs were very quite; I followed the same steps to get to Loudness Normalization, but changed the perceived loudness to -20.0 LUFS.

Audacity Window

To finish up my commercial, I faded in the beginning and faded out the end. To accomplish this I went to Effect -> Fade In and Effect -> Fade Out.

Audacity Window

I am really happy with the final product, although I feel the spot where I say my YouTube name is a little awkward.

Title Sequence on YouTube

Two things I am always doing are coding and drinking coffee. Sometimes it feels like I am stuck in a cycle of caffeine induced coding nightmares… I love coding though, I really do. I decided to have my boyfriend take videos of my daily coffee routine and me coding in random places.

Raw Footage

Side note: As a poor college student, I always buy whatever brand it the cheapest when it comes to groceries. Sometimes, without reading, I’ll grab whole coffee beans rather than ground coffee; it really helps having the bean grinder around in these moments.

I imported all of these videos into iMovie and began splitting the videos where I wanted. the original coffee video was lengthy, so I chose the most important parts of the coffee process. I then took the videos of me coding and put them in between each coffee clip. I was NOT a fan of how the clips looked all together, so I put a black and white filter on each video; I also muted the sound from each video when completing this step.

I liked how the filter made the clips look so I started finalizing the video. In-between each clip I added a cross zoom transition. Near the beginning of the video I added an opening chromatic title that says Byte me and at the end I added scrolling credits.

The final step was to select music for my title sequence. I searched “techno” because I thought it would be the most fitting. After scrolling through 6 pages on FreeSound, I finally found the perfect audio.

Sound Used


I really liked how this techno beat was upbeat, but not too energetic. There is a good balance between being too edgy and too hype, in the middle (kind like me lol). The audio was not long enough for the video, so I looped the song. There was a weird break in the song, so I timed it so that it occurs right before I pour my coffee. The final title sequence wasn’t what I imaged it would be, but I also don’t have access to software to make it professional like the trailers I originally molded my project idea around.

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