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Presenting Byte Me

If you haven’t read about my final project ideas, please refer to both of my idea posts.

Idea Post Pt. 1

Idea Post Pt. 2

As I had already decided my project components and multi-media posts, I had to come up with a name! This part was really hard… I mean how many puns about computer science will people not studying it get?? After some truly AWFUL name ideas, I simply googled ‘computer science puns’. All of the puns were way too long and others I didn’t think my audience would understand. I did see a pun using the word ‘byte’ though… As a woman in the computer science field, men often look down on me because it is a male dominated profession. In my Code It Like It’s Hot: Remix post I touch on the importance coding has in my life and how important diversity is within the study. Although I believe in spreading kindness, sometimes I really want to tell the people who look down on me, BITE ME! I’m a strong coder and am confident in my capabilities; what a more perfect name than Byte Me?

For those who may not know what a byte is, here is the definition from Wikipedia and a introduction video.

The byte is a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits. Historically, the byte was the number of bits used to encode a single character of text in a computer[1][2] and for this reason it is the smallest addressable unit of memory in many computer architectures.

Byte – Wikipedia


Final Project Flickr Album

I created a Flickr album called Final Project. So far I have added a .mp4 and a .jpeg I created on Canva. The .mp4 was created to be posted on Twitter as a short graphic or “teaser” about Byte Me. The .jpeg was created as a thumbnail for the commercial promoting Byte Me that will be uploaded on SoundCloud.

Twitter Teaser

I created my Twitter teaser on Canva. I usually make promo posters to promote my projects, but I wanted to mix it up. I selected Animated Social Media then selected Templates. Under All Results I found a really cool template that had the word ‘Sunday’ all over it. The colors and style caught my eye, so I chose it as a starting point. I started by changing the main green word to ‘Byte Me’ and the subtitle to have the premiere date and my YouTube. For the LIFE OF ME I could NOT figure out how to change the squiggly ‘Sunday’ words, so I trashed them. I copied the main green word and pasted it onto the page six times. Next, I changed their text colors to white and used the effect Hollow. I kept the green because it reminds me of computer science; it might be that microchips are commonly green or that coding is often shown with green binary numbers… either way I chose the green to appeal to my audience. I feel that green often signifies tech and I wanted my audience to know what Byte Me is about by only seeing the word. Finally, I went to Elements and searched ‘computer’. After some scrolling I found an animated element with green dots. I chose to make this the back of my teaser as it kinda reminded me of servers in a weird way.

SoundCloud Commercial for ds106radio

I have not completed my commercial yet, but have been searching for audio clips on FreeSound. I have been searching for sounds using the words: tech, computer, calculating, coding, etc. I have yet to find a theme song, but I am not rushing to find one because I want to find one I truly like. In my commercial I plan on talking about the premiere date, where it will be found, and a short tid-bit about what it is about.


Title Sequence on YouTube

I am filming the clips for my title sequence and editing them together this weekend and next week. I will be using iMovie to edit them and my iPhone 7 to film the video clips. Some examples of videos I will be taking: Making coffee, testing a created machine learning algorithm (Python), coding a object-oriented program (Java), getting errors and stressing (both languages lol), sitting in the dark coding, etc.


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