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~Magic Milk Straws~


For my second and last Audio Assignment of week 7 I chose to create a Radio Commercial for my group’s Radio Show. Summary: When you are driving in the car and a radio commercial comes on you might start to tune the radio out. But, if you were the person selling what the commercial was offering would you want people tuning it out or listening intently? Well, I would want people paying attention to my commercial! So, for this audio assignment pick a product or business you would like to promote and sell! Use a audio recording software such as soundcloud to record your commercial. Add in background music, edits, and provide full information of the business/product/services you are advertising. Try to create a radio commercial that grabs and maintains the audiences’ attention. On the side, write why you chose the object or business you are promoting and the process you used to create your commercial.

Behind the Work

My radio show group is making our show about our childhood memories and our college experiences/life now. We didn’t want our commercials to be about something unrelated to our show, so we decided to create commercials about different products we liked/had when we were kids. Growing up I liked milk, but it wasn’t my favorite to drink. One day in the intermediate school lunchroom, my fellow classmate pulled from her lunchbox… Magic Milk Straws. When I tell you I was enamored by these straws, I was ENAMORED.

Unfortunately, my friend only had one straw so I couldn’t try it. When I went home I immediately begged my mom to buy them. Not only did she agree, but they were even better than I expected. These innovative straws slowly became a staple for my breakfasts.

During the Work

When I read the assignment summary, I wasn’t too sure if I had to create a commercial from scratch or if I could use the product details and overview in my commercial. I decided to read the product overview from the official Milk Straws Product. After recording myself reading the product overview, I used the effect Change Speed to speed up the overview; this was because I said the overview slower to allow each word to be properly pronounced. When I sped up me talking, it made me sound like a child… but, I decided it’s fitting for the commercial as well as the theme of the radio show. Next I searched for a “straw” noise in FreeSound. When I found one I liked, I then imported it into my Audacity project. I added a second speaking part after the sip because I didn’t like ending the commercial with a sound. To tie it all together I then downloaded “happy” music off of Audacity. The music was WAY too loud at first and really overshadowed me speaking; I used the effect Loudness Normalization to lower it to an even level. To finish off the commercial I added fade ins and outs at the respective spots.

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