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This week in #ds106 it was our second week working on our Radio Shows! Last week I blogged about the first week of working on our radio shows in [Insert Title Here]. One of the first assignments my group and I worked on were our radio show promo posters; you can read all about it in: Radio Show Promo: Ariel.

This week, I downloaded all of these images onto my iPhone and used the square crop tool to ensure they were all the same size. I then downloaded Collageable to line up all of the images into 2×2 collages. I first put Audra, Megan, and myself in a collage, and then left the fourth box empty. Then I did the same with Conner and Morgan, but I left the third and fourth box empty. Using GIMP, I then matched up both collages to create a poster shape. When I was happy with the sizing of the collages and made sure they matched up, I began working on the radio show info square. I used the text tool to write up all the information and formatted it into the extra square. I originally had messed up the title and put, “Walking Memory Lane” instead of “Walking Memory Ave.” When I went to correct this, I realized I really didn’t like how the plain white square looked so I remade the info square using Canva. After downloading the poster from Canva, I used my phone again to square crop the image and then uploaded it to GIMP. Finally, I masked a College Ave sign in order to connect our title to our inspiration: UMW’s College Ave!

Walking Memory Ave:

Walking Memory Ave: Radio Show Poster

We met together as a group to finalize our radio show ideas this past Monday. We discussed the structure of our radio show, ideas for the intro and outro, chose our radio bumpers & commercials, and finalized the tasks each of us were going to accomplish for the week.

Last week we discussed breaking up our show into one segment about our childhoods and another segment about our college lives. After some discussion we decided to record segments of us individually connecting our childhood and college experiences; Audra provided a handful of questions to keep in mind so our segments connect to one another.

We then decided on the 3 commercials and 3 bumpers we were going to use in our show. We chose to make my bumper into a group bumper for the intro of the show. Everyone recorded themselves saying their names and respective lines (if applicable), and uploaded both recordings to SoundCloud. I then downloaded each of the files and used Audacity to cut my original bumper to take out my original speaking part. Finally, I added everyone’s names and cut out the white noise to make sure the intro flowed naturally. As we had an intro, it would only be right to have an outro! To stay with the theme of childhood -> college, I recommended we record ourselves individually saying “That’s all folks!” like Porky Pig from Looney Tunes; this was a show I watched growing up and the rest of my group also watched it!

Much like with the outro, each individual recording was uploaded to SoundCloud and Megan edited them together for us.



Group Bumper






We wrapped up our group meeting by creating a script for the show. This allowed us to add up the times for the bumpers and commercials and figure out how long each of us should speak for.


  1. Intro (group bumper)
  2. 1st person speaking
  3. Commercial
  4. 2nd person speaking
  5. Commercial & bumper
  6. 3rd person speaking
  7. Ariel’s commercial
  8. 4th person speaking
  9. Bumper
  10. 5th person speaking
  11. Outro

In order to ensure there was enough time for me to make the intro, Megan to make the outro, and Conner to edit the show, we made everything due to the GroupMe by this past Wednesday afternoon.

The sounds in the radio show were either chosen by the person speaking or by Conner. I really like how the radio show turned out and I really liked the radio show group I had!

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