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What’s (y)our story? : Thoughts

I’ve really struggled with how to interpret this theme; it’s the reason I’ve been putting off this post. I assumed the theme had to be relevant to my school work or who I am as a student, but that is not my story. My story is being written when I am home, when I go out, when I am at school, etc. As people our stories are defined by everything we do.

I don’t know what my story is or how to even begin to tell it. I definitely need to do some brainstorming and some hard thinking about what makes me, me. Although I may be scared of where this will take me, I am so EXCITED to see everyone else’s stories! I think #ds106 can take this theme in many different directions: hobbies, careers, family, food, and so much more. I don’t think we should expect all stories to be happy or sad, yet a mix of the both.

Here is to writing (y)our story.

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It is really strange to think about your experiences as a story. It is so easy to watch a show, movie, or read a book about a character’s life and understand their story, but when it comes to retelling your own, for some reason the page stays blank. So weird! I am excited to see how this theme makes us view our lives and experiences as stories, from a different perspective than we originally experienced when we were in that time and hopefully we find a new love for our stories.

This is exactly how I was feeling! While living a story it’s definitely hard to tell the pages apart. I’m hoping that by having to critically think about what’s made me, me or you, you we can fall in love with something new or help others do the same!

Hi Ari! I like your viewpoint that school is not your story. I also struggle with finding out what my story is and how to tell it. For me, I saw the theme (Y)our Story as something more about how to make the things I’m interested appealing to others, but maybe it’s more than that. I don’t see my story as being the story of my life, but it might be.

Hi! It’s curious to see that we both struggled with the theme, but took it down different paths. Thinking about having to persuade someone about why the things in my life mean something to me didn’t even cross my mind, yet it’s such an important factor. I’m excited to read your posts and see where you take it!

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