Premiere: Let’s Talk About Plants

Background Music by Setuniman on FreeSound: frothy tinkling 0X31ag

Behind the Work

I used iMovie to put my video together. I describe how I made the intro and outro in my last video project progress post:

I used Canva again to make section transitions. I made three for each plant care item I touch on: watering, soil, and propagation. These were not originally my categories to touch on, in my promo video I mention that I will talk about plants that trail, hang, etc. and humidity. I could not think of ways to relate my mental health to these categories; I took these out to keep my video on topic. I showed my boyfriend how I wanted him to record what I was going to do and then let him use my iPhone 7 to film the videos used in this project. I airdropped them to my computer and imported them into iMovie. After putting them in order and adding the transitions, I added a voice over for each section. I read off of 4 scripts I wrote for the Intro, Watering, Soil, and Propagation sections. However my video can be broken down into 5 sections.

The Sections






I adjusted my video by trimming the lengths where it went on for a long time after I speak. I tried to keep a little bit of video, but didn’t want what I was doing to get too repetitive. I really like the dissolve effect in iMovie so I used that to transition my videos and sections. My next step was to find a song I like for the background. FreeSound has never done me wrong, so that’s where I went. I downloaded frothy tinkling 0X31ag by Setuniman on FreeSound.

It wasn’t long enough to play through my whole video so I copy and pasted it until the length was sufficient. The song is not meant for looping, so I used a fade out to try to create a natural fade in and out. I personally think it sounds like a full song, but I’m a little biased. For my final touch I added in my intro and outro credits. I used iMovie’s title option, Gravity Lower Third, for my intro credits. I added it to my intro video 4 times; the spacing should be about even. For my outro credits I used iMovie’s title option: Scrolling Credits. I watched the video all the way through and really liked it. I used the share option to export the video as a .mp4 file. Finally, I uploaded my video to Youtube.

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