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Let’s Talk About Plants (and Mental Health)

For week 10 of #ds106 we have the choice of working on 10 stars worth of video assignments or creating a 2-week long video assignment. I decided to make a longer project to see what kind of awesome content I can create! The first step of the project process was trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do. I got a little confused last week in my Project Idea post; I thought we had to make out final project a video project (not both). So it was hard for me to think of a new project idea. I was sitting in my living room, about to water my plants when it hit me!


In my intro post on twitter found in my intro blog post, Who is Ari?, I introduced my 50 plant babies! Yes, babies. They require a lot of love and attention, I mean they are living things. I first started taking care of plants at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. My first two plants ever were a Sedum Donkey Tail and Rattlesnake Calathea. After I finally got the hang of caring for those two, my collection quickly grew. Now, I have 50 (as introduced before)!

Although I really love taking care of my plants, it also is beneficial to me. I have lived with severe depression for most of my life. There are often days when I do not even know how to care for myself. When I take care of my plants it puts me on a schedule. I have to water them on time, remember when to change their soil, fertilize them, etc. Plants help me remember to do similar things for myself. I decided to do my video project on how my plants have helped my mental health prove. I’m really excited to see where this video takes me and am super excited to share some plant care tips with everyone!

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