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Animal Crossing New Horizons : Video Game Review


3 stars

Choosing a Writing Assignment was easy when I saw “A Game of Reviews”. I am always playing my switch lite and have about 6 games (that’s a lot to me, lol)! I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to relate back to this semester’s theme: What’s (y)our story.

Behind the Work

Due to COVID-19, I spend pretty much all of my time inside. Fortunately, for Christmas 2019 I received a switch liteā€¦ but, I beat both Kirby Star Allies and Luigi’s Mansion 3 when I first got my switch. Without any games to play, I was on the hunt for something to sink my teeth into. I had never heard of Animal Crossing, let alone played a game when I saw the Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailer on Reddit.

I was excited for the game, but wasn’t too sure if I would like it. I finally decided to buy the game a couple of months after the release. I instantly fell in love with the game and couldn’t put it down for weeks. This game and all of it’s amazing updates and characters have truly helped keep me sane during the pandemic.

During the Work


Animal Crossing: New Horizons was rated based on Gameplay, Plot, Music, and Graphics. Each category was rated out of a 10 star scale, totaling a 40 star system.



KK Slider: the man, the myth, the legend earns a strong 10 stars. In order to listen to different music in the game, players must collect the different songs from KK at his weekly concerts or the daily “Special Goods” in Nook Shopping. This aspect helps keep the game fun and interactive.



This game has strong, crisp graphics, but persistent lag time loading island sections. Thus why I awarded this category, 8 stars. Nintendo has put out several updates to fix this; Unfortunately, I still find that areas with a lot of furniture or custom designs lag noticeably.



With so much to do in Animal Crossing, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Earning 9 stars, the gameplay has it all: farming, swimming, diving, dreaming, customizing, etc.! However, I wish there were more ideas from the old Animal Crossing games incorporated.



I gave this category a 8 due to the shortness of the main story (Note: I define this as game play until all buildings are built, not a 5 star island). I do, however, like that you have to interact with characters and villagers on your own time. There are a lot of hidden features to this game a player may not find if they play only based on the main story line.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of my favorites too! I haven’t played too much of the recent stuff because I kinda burnt myself out of it since I played it way too much at the beginning of quarantine, but reading your post about it makes me want to jump back in!

I agree, I definitely played a lot during quarantine and got tired of it for awhile. I decided to start playing again because new updates have come out that I haven’t downloaded yet… but, I dread the idea of finishing my island lol.

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