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Cardinal Collision


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I wasn’t sure what Writing Assignment to attempt for my 3rd week 3 writing assignment as I completed my 2 favorites: “A Game of Reviews” and “Emotional Lyrics” in the beginning of the week. After some thought, I decided on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words“.

Behind the Work

In May of 2019 my family and I took a trip to Blacksburg, VA for my cousin’s graduation at Virginia Tech. My aunt had booked us an Airbnb for the weekend and my cousins and I were super excited for the trip. Upon arrival, we were surprised to see that we were staying at a yurt, how cool!! If you would like to view pictures of the yurt or a yurt tour check out my Flickr album: Yurt Fun.

During the Work

It took me some time to think about what picture I wanted to write a story about. In order to combat this “writer’s block,” I scrolled through the pictures in my phone’s camera roll from oldest to newest, but there were only super old pictures and newer pictures of my cat (I’m lame). When I was scanning the images I mistakenly clicked on the photos application on my computer (for context: Apple has a Handoff feature on Mac). Several pictures that were not on my phone, but were on my computer had caught my eye before I closed the application. I finally chose “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” when I found the following photo in my computer camera roll:

My cousins and I woke up to a loud banging sound around 6 A.M. the first morning in the yurt. Naturally, we were terrified someone had come to kill us. When we finally gained the courage to take a look over the top bedroom banister, we saw it: a single red cardinal repeatedly flying itself straight into the yurt window. The bird continued to do this for about an hour and every morning we stayed thereafter. We still aren’t sure why the bird was so adamant about flying into the window, I mean it must’ve hurt. The working hypothesis of the situation is that the cardinal saw its shadow in the window and wanted to fight the “other bird.” Although the bird isn’t shown in the picture, I believe this story perfectly summarizes what it was like waking up in the yurt.

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