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Cartoon Me


For my last Design Assignment I chose to complete Cartoon Me. I actually almost did this assignment during week 2, but decided to save it for another time! Summary: Remake you (or someone you know and love) into a cartoon character. Draw you on a piece of paper, on a tablet, take a photo and use software to convert it to comic book style, or use online programs to create a cartoon version of your character. Extra bonus points if you can come up with an origin story or add comic book elements to your final image.

Behind the Work

I have never been a good artist and I wanted to do a little more than putting a filter on a picture, so I chose to create a Bitmoji of myself. I am familiar with Bitmjoi because it is the cartoon software Snapchat has as an option for its users. Before completing this assignment I already had a character created for my Snapchat, but it was not up to date and I didn’t really like it; I decided to create a new one all together.

During the Work

I used a picture of myself I already had on my phone to reference when creating my Bitmoji. I have green eyes, short brown hair, and olive skin which I reflected in my character. I then chose a tan Henley t-shirt because that is one of my go-to tops, plus I was wearing it in the reference image. Unfortunately Bitmoji does not have the option to add jewellery, if they did I feel it would look more like me. Besides creating a cartoon of myself, I also chose to search for 2 images that represented something about my story. The images I chose and how they relate to my story are included below.

This is my face lol. I included this to compare my Bitmoji to.
Cartoon Me and Nara
My cat Nara LOVES to sleep on my laptop… especially when I need to do work the most. She is an orange tabby so this picture is perfect!
Cartoon Me
The Bitmoji I created of myself. I referenced the picture to the left when creating it.
Cartoon Me With My Plants
I recently downsized my plants and now have 32. I water them every Wednesday and Sunday. During the pandemic, plants have really helped me keep sane. I love being able to care for them and watch them grow.

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Those look amazing. You make me want to create a couple of my own (though they probably wouldn’t turn out as good). They remind me of my sister. She recently figured out how to create emojis of herself. Every once and a while, a random version of her face will appear in the chat window, and I love them.

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