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Dear Mama Nara


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I’m not afraid to admit that my best friend is my cat, Narancia AKA Nara. I take way too many pictures of her, so what better way to put them to use than by doing the Your love for your pet assignment?

Behind the Work

I adopted my cat, Narancia, on June 5, 2020. She is a super cute, sweet, and vocal 3 year-old orange kitty. Her name comes from her fur color: Naranja is orange in Spanish, Arancia is orange in italian, and Narancia is the name one of my favorite character’s from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures (he wears a lot of orange).

I spend most of my time with her, as she is my ESA; for this reason she’s really grown to be one of the biggest parts of my life. Unfortunately, Nara has had to wear a cone for several months now because she severely over-grooms her body. Vet trip after vet trip, they are unable to figure out why she does this, but thankfully using the cone has allowed her skin to heal and fur to grow back. Nara is a big part of who I am and this is to show my appreciation to her!

During the Work

I started out this assignment by choosing only my favorite pictures of Nara for the collage. Then, I used Superimpose to merge each of the pictures in the foreground to the background. In order to make sure the pictures fit, I masked the edges of some of the pictures to create more of the “collage” look before merging the layers. This process was repeated until all of the background was covered. Overall this assignment didn’t take me long at all and I think it’s my favorite from the week. I loved having the opportunity to show off my kitty girl… with a reason for once lol.

Superimpose Step by Step

  1. Choose a foreground and background
  2. Choose the “Mask” option, select the “Mask Tool”
  3. Select the lasso
  4. Circle the desired area of the foreground to manually mask
  5. Move the foreground to the desired position
  6. Merge the background and foreground
  7. Repeat until the collage is complete

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