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For my last remix of the week I chose to complete the Combophoto assignment under Visual Assignments. Summary: Use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images. Play with scale in delightful ways. See artist Stephen McMennamy’s great collection. Remix: Use this assignment to create an advertisement or a recruiting tool for ds106.

Behind the Work

I have made various assignments to promote ds106 radio, but have yet to promote the actual ds106 course. Due to the class being fully online, I am constantly on my laptop looking at the Assignment Bank, main ds106 page, or the Weekly Assignments uploaded by Professor Bond. No matter what I am doing, my first step is to go to the ds106 site and then navigate to where I need to be. That’s why I chose to make my combo photo of a computer and my laptop screen on the ds106 site.

Although I am always on the ds106 pages, I am also always on my other homework/class pages. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my computer is almost ALWAYS dead. This may be because of how many tabs and applications I have open at one time. I am the type of person who procrastinates like there is no tomorrow. If I have all of my work open in tabs, I am forced to look at everything I need to do all at once. Often times, this is extremely overwhelming, but it helps me find a starting place; I also realize how much work I have to do and in turn I do it sooner rather than later. This is shown in my laptop screenshot shown in the next section.

During the Work

I was already on the ds106 main site so I screenshotted my computer screen. I have a MacBook Pro so I used Command-Shift-4, then selected my whole computer screen.

Laptop Screenshot
A screenshot of the ds106 website on my laptop.

Next I searched google for a computer stock image. I would have taken a picture of my laptop, but this would have defeated the purpose of combining the photos; If I would have simply taken a picture of my computer, I could have just left the ds106 site up and called it a day. But, that is not what the assignment called for.

Computer Stock Image

Next, I uploaded both images into GIMP. I made the computer image my project background and added my screenshot as a layer on top. This step was simple and took no time to complete.

Combined Images

As the assignment was to make an advertisement, I took to Canva to create a poster. I used a blue poster that caught my eye under Template -> Back To Business Poster. I used the Uploads option to upload my combophoto from my computer. I then transformed and moved the image into the thought bubble. To make the poster make sense, I added some words about why the girl is thinking of the computer image. Finally, I added the ds106 website URL at the bottom and fixed the title.

ds106 Advertisement

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