Weekly Assignments

Guess that Place


For my second Audio Assignment of #ds106 week 5 I chose to complete the Create a Place Assignment. I liked this assignment because it seemed like a challenge to accomplish!

Summary: For this assignment create a place by just using sound. For example, make the listener know where they are if outside use birds, cars, etc.

Behind the Work

In my Video Killed the Radio Star? post I mention how I love the Summer; specifically the feeling that is associated with summertime. Growing up I would spend a lot of time with my PaPa. He had some property in the country, so we would often go there during the Summer to ride four wheelers and sit in front of the bonfire. That’s why for this assignment I chose to create a place outside, during the Summer.

During the Work

I used Audacity and Freesound, like for the rest of my assignments for week 5. This was my 3rd time using both, so I felt pretty confident in my abilities to accomplish the task. I used 7 different sound effects: an owl, someone walking in grass, a bug buzzing, the sounds of outside, a fire crackling, a zipper, and a harmonica. The only issue I have with the final product is that the owl’s sound too alike for it to be believable. Besides that, I think the audio not only allows the listener to imagine where they are, but also what is going on around them as well.

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