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Hearing the Trees

I participated in the #ds106 “tweet-along” on Wednesday from 8:00 – 9:00 PM. The #ds106radio was playing From Tree to Shining Tree by Radiolab: A forest can feel like a place of great stillness and quiet. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s a hidden world beneath your feet as busy and complicated as a city at rush hour.

From Tree to Shining Tree by Radiolab, Produced by Annie McEwen and Brenna Farrell.

Summary of the Podcast: In this story, a dog introduces us to a strange creature that burrows beneath forests, building an underground network where deals are made and lives are saved (and lost) in a complex web of friendships, rivalries, and business relations. It’s a network that scientists are only just beginning to untangle and map, and it’s not only turning our understanding of forests upside down, it’s leading some researchers to rethink what it means to be intelligent.

I wasn’t looking forward to the tweet-along; the only time I didn’t have a conflict was on Wednesday… but, it was during the time the Challenge comes on (my favorite TV show).

The “tweet-along” wasn’t at all what I expected. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think it would be a lot of fun, but I got to listen to a podcast about trees! I already listen to a podcast called Plant Daddy Podcast on Apple Podcasts, so I was not opposed to listening to people talk about nature lol.

The tweets to the left are my tweets from the live “tweet-along.” Radiolab did a great job using audio to portray movement, transition between speakers, and allow the listeners to imagine what was being said.

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