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Who is Ari?

Hi everyone, here’s to my first post! This semester will definitely be a challenge for me, as I don’t usually have any social media accounts. This choice isn’t to seem “better” than others, but I found it was affecting my mental and social health.

After not having any accounts for over 2+ years, I am excited to see how things have changed! : -) On each of my introductions I am doing a random fun fact, so here it goes.

Random Fun Fact: I only eat bananas if they are green. Please, do not get it twisted, I do NOT eat raw plantains… But there is nothing better than a banana that is green just as it’s beginning to turn ripe. Might be a hot take, but give it a try some day.

The mathematician does not study pure mathematics because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights in it because it is beautiful.

Henri Poincare ́

I think it’s very important to get more women into computing. My slogan is: Computing is too important to be left to men.

Karen Sparck Jones

They never asked me to go back over (my calculations) because when I did it, I had done my best, and it was right.

Katherine Coleman Gable Johnson

The best error message is the one that never shows up.

Thomas Fuchs

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Hi! I love plants too, and I love the way your site is set up. I love quotes/motivational quotes and I really like how you included them!

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