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For my last Audio Assignment of week 5, I decided on Make Noise from a Normal sample.

Summary: Make Noise!! The title is pretty self explanitory. Take a recognizable song or sound, and then turn it into a completely unrecognizable sound. For example, take a dog barking and make it sound like tv static. This can be accomplished using any DAW (digital audio workspace, for those unaware) or some online audio editor.

Behind the Work

If there is anything I instantly know the sound of it, it’s my Hydroflask. I constantly have to twist it open and twist it closed; while doing this there is always a unique sound I attribute with it. So if I hear someone else opening their own Hydroflask, it makes me want a sip of water (thanks classical conditioning). I chose to turn this familiar sound into something I can no longer recognize.

During the Work

I started by recording myself opening and closing my Hydroflask using the record button on Audacity. I then exported the audio as a .mp3 and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Here is the original sound:

Original Water Bottle Sound

I then took the original sound and did a bunch of random stuff to it. I started by trying to amplify some sections and invert others. Unfortunately, the sound was still pretty recognizable. I then just distorted random sections with various distort options, inverted some more sections, and used the compressor effect. The final product sounds like an alien communication so I chose an alien picyure to accompany it.

Here is the finished audio:

Water Bottle Sound after

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