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This week in #ds106 it is our first week of working on our Radio Shows! Last week I reached out on Twitter by tweeting out for group members, I was hoping anyone who followed me from the class or who was viewing the #ds106 tag on twitter would respond.

My radio show group consists of: myself, Audra, Megan, Morgan, and Conner. We started out our group by chatting over GroupMe and then this past Wednesday we met on Zoom to talk more in depth about the project. For our radio show theme we decided to talk about our funny childhood memories, as well as our current college experiences; some may choose to make connections between the two. In order to stay organized we have a Google Doc with all of our plans for the project, the project requirements, and a break down of the assignments for each week.

Besides setting up the basis for the project, we started planning out the show and its corresponding parts. Our radio show promo poster consisted of each of us making our own “story poster” with a Then-Now-Together theme, our favorite color as the background, and our names above our then/now images. When each group member is done with their promo poster, we are going to join them all together and add our radio show information.

We then decided to have each of us create a radio bumper and commercial for our two Audio Assignments of the week. After we listen to all of the group’s bumpers, and commercials, we are going to choose our top 3 bumpers and top 3 commercials to include in our radio show. In order to keep the commercials relevant to our show theme, we made the commercials be about items we used/liked when we were growing up.

We plan to meet again on Monday to talk about our childhood story ideas and how to tie them together. Then on Wednesday we will be meeting again to record the show and create a final product. As we do not have the show put together yet, we thought it would be best to name the show after we create it.

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