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It’s Raining Words


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For my last visual assignment of week 4 I chose, Word Cloud. I decided on this assignment because I really liked the daily create where we used So I decided to use this opportunity to make a literal word cloud all about me.

Behind the Work

On February 7, 2021 I completed the #tdc3314. The task was to make word art with and upload the final product to twitter. I really enjoyed completing the assignment and it was actually my favorite daily create from week 3.

When I first started working on the Word Cloud assignment, I used the suggest word art website: I continuously kept getting a 404 error, but thanks to the previous daily create I had a website to use!

During the Work

Word Art created by Ariel Arison: February 18, 2021

I started this assignment by choosing the shape and colors for my word art. There was an abundance of options to choose from, but I decided on a cloud because rain/thunderstorms are my favorite weather. Next were the colors. My whole life I have HATED bright colors… especially anything pink. So most of the colors I chose for my palette were darker colors: black, red, blue, gray, green, etc. Finally, I created a list of meaningful words and visualized my word cloud. I wasn’t too happy with the final product; the words turned out a lot brighter than expected. I decided this final product would do as I had already tried and failed at creating 3 I liked before it.

Here is a list of the words included in my word art:

  • Ariel: my first name
  • Arison: my last name
  • Ari : my nickname
  • Coffee: my go-to drink
  • Anime: just about everything I watch
  • Short: I am only 5’1″
  • Computer Science: my first major
  • Honors Program: I’m super proud of being in this program at UMW
  • 1999 : the year I was born
  • Class ’22: what graduating class I am
  • Cat: I love my kitty Nara
  • Glasses: I have horrible eyesight
  • UMW: the college I attend
  • Mathematics: my second major
  • Plants: I have over 50+ plants
  • Indie: my favorite music genre
  • Student: my occupation
  • Chesapeake: where I am from
  • Sushi: my favorite food
  • Rap: another one of my favorite music genres
  • Subaru: my first car
  • STEM: both of my majors are s.t.e.m.

3 replies on “It’s Raining Words”

This was really clever! I really enjoyed describing what each word means to you and why you chose the color scheme. I am also a mathematics major, but I decided to minor in computer science. Hope to see you in classes when they resume in person!

Making choices about things like colors to represent words, which represent more abstract ideas already … is how use our writing agency for tech like Word Clouds …. Your reflection was thoughtful.
Kevin (not in your class but always making stuff for Daily Create)

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