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Magnum P(roject) I(deas)

After completing the radio show project, I have a better understanding of the type of project ideas I should be creating. We used design, audio, and storytelling skills which we learned about in the weeks leading up to the project. So when I think about what a future video or final project should be, I have in mind that it should include the skills accumulated from each week of the class accomplished before it. In future weeks we will be working on remix/mashup and video, as stated in Week Nine: and everything’s fine. In order to include these skills in a final project, it will need to be a video project; this is because if I were to do another radio show it wouldn’t be able broadcast a video for listeners to watch. Video includes storytelling, audio, design, transitions, introductions, outros, its the whole “shabang.”

For example, let’s look at the Magnum P.I. intro.

Notice that the intro contains no words, but there is still a story being told. Each video segment used for a character tells a part of who they are (their story), each segment also flows perfectly together to allow the viewer to know what the show is about. On top of all of that, it includes the skills I need to show in a final project. That is why I think the perfect final project idea is an intro title sequence for My Story! To get inspiration for what a title sequence should look like, I searched Youtube for some of my favorites.

As a story concept for the video, I would make it about where I think my future will take me. Something I touched on in my Radio Show Listen post is that Professor Bond wants us to remember that (Y)our Story includes our futures. Since I already did a project on my childhood to college life, I think it would only be right to focus on where I am going in my final project. If I were to accomplish my final project with a group, the intro can be expanded from just my story to other’s stories as well. Although I may not know everyone in the class and although our stories may not have that much in common, there are small overlaps in our lives: going to the grocery store, walking around campus, planning out our futures. This can be used to create a collective title sequence that includes multiple “characters.” I’m not sure if I’m too excited about this, but now I really want this to be my final project! I had a really hard time coming up with ideas for the radio show project, but I used what I learned from my group and our radio show theme to help me figure out my perfect project!

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This is a great idea. The final project should involve multiple media, so maybe you could make an official website for the show to embed the opening sequence and give it more context.

Oh okay, thank you for clarifying! I was a little confused and thought the video project was the final project. Would I be able to do something like making a commercial about it to air on ds106radio, making a promo poster for flickr/twitter, etc.? Just trying to make sure my ideas about what I can do with multi-media are correct!

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