Final Project Weekly Assignments

Moooom Ariel’s Making a Title Sequence

Inspiration For My Post Title:

Final Project Post Pt.1:

Final Project Idea Expanded:

I decided to make a title sequence of what I want my future to look like for my final project. I got a little confused and mixed together the ideas of my final project and video project, not knowing they are two separate projects. I originally planned to make my title sequence and upload it to Youtube. I still plan to do this, but I need to also incorporate multi media. A promo poster for the project will be created and shared on Flickr, Twitter, and my blog. I will also create a commercial for it, to hopefully air on the ds106radio leading up to it’s release; this will be released on SoundCloud. When the project is finished, the Youtube link will be shared with a short description on Twitter. A category in my WordPress will be created called “Final Project” where I will blog about my project process. I will then add the category to my menu option so that anyone can easily find every assignment correlated to it. Professor Bond mentioned that I could create an official website; I will need to go back to the week one information to remember how to create a new website on WordPress.

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