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My Story Poster


My third assignment for week 6 is not in the #ds106 Design Assignments. Under Complete 4-5 design assignments on the week 6 assignments post there is an option to create a poster in place of one of the design assignments. I chose to complete this task and relate it to my theme. Summary: Something you could do in lieu of one of the assignments, and related to our theme, is to design a poster of your story. This should help you think of it in more specific terms.

Behind the Work

When I reflect on this semester’s theme, What’s (y)our Story?, I usually find it difficult to distinguish what makes my story mine. I often think I have to encapsulate a moment from each part of my life. I don’t like defining my story as the past because I’m always living in the present and looking to the future. Yes, the past is important, but why dwell on it? I define my story as who I am currently and where I want to go. For this assignment I decided to capture the things I love or wacky tid-bits about the current me.

Pictures I included:

  • Mug: I drink a lot of coffee; I started drinking black coffee my freshman year of college. Often times I let it sit and get cold because I can never finish a full cup in one sitting.
  • Spicy Tuna Roll: Enough said. No, but seriously spicy tuna rolls are my favorite food. Anytime someone asks me, “ If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” my answer is always spicy tuna rolls.
  • Me: My story wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t about me! I chose to include a picture of me with my tongue out as I am always being goofy.
  • Calculator: Since a young age I have loved math (I know, gross).
  • Bee: I LOVE BEES!!! I even have a lego bee character on my keys. Sad story time: Before I realized my love for bees… when I was in elementary school I used to stomp on them during recess. I know, I was an awful kid.
  • Clipart of people: Okay so, at first glance, this clipart might not make much sense. The yellow character is supposed to represent me because I am super short. At only 5’1″ I can reach literally nothing, I have my driver seat almost touching the dash, and I get made fun of a lot. Jokes on everyone else because I can get through small spaces and fit into children’s clothes (CHEAP!!).

During the Work

My Story Poster

I’ve always really enjoyed the raw edge look of real-life cut and paste collages (13 going on 30 vibes). For this reason I tried to create this feel in my poster. I started this assignment by using the d)_Ink-4_Pen_Rough to write my name as the main focus of the poster; this is the same brush option I used for my logo. After exporting the image I created from Krita, I imported it to GIMP as my background. Then each picture was imported as its own layer and masked accordingly. This assignment did not take me much time, but the majority of the time I spent paying attention to the smaller details (I’m a little bit of a neat freak when it comes to organization). All of the images were originally in different places. To create a better balance I moved the images to the top and bottom of the page respectively. I decided to have the bee be the only image besides my name not on the border because well… bees fly.

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