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Next Time Won’t You Write With Me


3 stars

For my final week 3 assignment I chose a random page number and selected the first 3 star assignment I saw: “A Story In Alphabet“.

Behind the Work

Okay to start off, I am really proud of the title I came up with for this assignment. It’s a play on the end of the ABC song,“Next time won’t you sing with me.” Before I started writing my story I brainstormed random words I could use in sequence, this made it a lot easier for me to put together my story. I had some trouble coming up with the sentences after my first 2, but looked up words that started with x and z. After several failed attempts, I finally succeeded in a story.

During the Work

Ari brought chilled deviled eggs from grandma’s house. I just killed lunch. My newly opened peppers quickly rotting. Someone tries urgently vocalizing,“With xenias: you zoo.”

Okay, this story doesn’t make too much sense, but I really like where I took it. I wrote this in 3rd person to have some added fun. In the story I bring grandma’s famous chilled deviled eggs. The speaker killed them for lunch when they realized their new peppers were rotting. In this situation “someone” is assumed to be Ari (because she is extremely knowledgeable on plants 😉 ). Ari proceeds to tell the speaker that if they pollinate their plants they will have a zoo!

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