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I decided on the Website Logo assignment for my second Design Assignment of week 6. Summary: Use an image editing software to create a logo for your webpage. The logo should have some type of text involving the name of your website. Try to remember how things like rhythm, color, and texture, can be used effectively when you create the logo. Add the logo to your webpage. If your Web site’s theme allows it, you can add the logo to the page under “customize” in the Themes tab.

Behind the Work

Lately I’ve been feeling that my blog has been missing something; I had no idea it was a logo! My first and last name both start with ari- (ari-el ari-son), this is where I get the username I often use on different platforms: arisquared. My whole life this has been pointed out to me and for some odd reason I love having this “quirky” fact about me. That’s why I chose to make my logo (ari)2: it efficiently delivers my message in an easily readable format. I then looked at the Design Resources page to refresh myself of the 10 design concepts; I decided to focus on color, typography, and unity because I find them to be the most important concepts when creating a logo.

Design Concept Definitions

Color: Color creates mood, draws attention to key elements. Good designs can use bold color or none at all (lack of color or monochrome makes a message too).

Typography: Typography “is the visual component of the written word” – It is the form in which text is displayed, and the characteristics of the type used.

Balance: “The concept of unity describes the relationship between the individual parts and the whole of a composition. It investigates the aspects of a given design that are necessary to tie the composition together, to give it a sense of wholeness, or to break it apart and give it a sense of variety.” – Digital Web

During the Work

I started this assignment right after finishing my Kawaii or Die post, so I still had Krita and GIMP open on my computer. I decided to use Krita to complete this assignment because it includes a draw option, whereas GIMP does not. I played around with the different brush presets and colors before deciding in which direction to take my logo. I stumbled upon two brush options I liked: j)_WaterC_Spread_WideArea (background) and d)_Ink-4_Pen_Rough (writing). I then chose yellow, blue, green, and orange as the background colors of my logo; these are colors I love and think complement each other nicely. In order to help round off my computer writing I used the freehand path tool. The image was originally much larger, but I wanted to focus on the writing so I fit and cropped the image to my liking using my Photos app. I was going for the hand painted and written look so I’m ecstatic with how it turned out!


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