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Please Send Help

Okay so… I have no idea what to do for a radio show. Hence, the title. Below I included the entirety of my brainstorming ideas. I kept all ideas included because sometimes any idea is better than no idea. After brainstorming, I then googled videos to help me become a better speaker when recording myself or talking to others.

Overall, I really don’t have a solid idea for what I want to do. Quite frankly, I’ve found it really hard to relate the theme to the show because My Story is NOT Your Story; I feel like I’m trying to make a decision on a topic for a “we” when I am still a “me.”


  • Plants
  • School Work
  • Coding
  • Cats lol idk
  • Foodie review
  • Alternative Grading Scale for Spring 2021
  • Casual Chat about the semester
  • Stories that have inspired us
  • Day in the Life talk
  • Conspiracy dive in
  • Auditory review of a game or movie
  • Covid-19
  • In-Person/Online classes

Videos I Watched to Help Me Talk to Group Members & Talk on Audio

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