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Radio Show Listen: A Day in a Pandemic

On Wednesday March 24, 2o21 the #ds106radio premiered 3 radio shows from #ds106 groups. One of them was my group’s show: Walking Memory Ave, as well as Messy March and A Day in a Pandemic. I decided to write a reflection on A Day in a Pandemic, created by Hena, Marche, Matthew, and Kenneth.

Go ahead, give A Day in a Pandemic a listen:

While I listened to A Day in a Pandemic, I tweeted about it live using #ds106 and was also able to comment with others about it.

Here are my tweets from the live listen:

Although my life, as well as everyone else’s, is now run by Covid-19, I have never really had an in-depth conversation with others about what living life during the pandemic is like. Yeah, I think about it myself and make small talk about it, but I’ve never actually heard about how other’s structure their day or how their day’s have been affected since last year. I did some research into how the group created their radio show and found out that they all met together and filmed it, rather than making segments or doing it over Zoom. I didn’t even think of this possibility since #ds106 is an asynchronous class; I really like how they structured the show to be more of a conversation. I was surprised by the commercials/bumpers randomly cutting into the conversation of the group, I found it a little distracting but I really did love all of the commercials/bumpers the group made. Overall, the style of the show was really nice, I love how I could feel them sitting around a table talking.

After a Day in a Pandemic, Walking Memory Ave played on #ds106radio. As soon as I heard Professor Bond announce my name amongst my group members, my palms turned sweaty and I could feel my face turning red. Here are my tweets for my radio show:

It was really weird hearing myself talk.. it was even weirder hearing how Audacity made my voice sound in my commercial >.< ! I really like how our radio show came together. Obviously I had heard the show before and knew what everyone was going to say in their segments, but there was something different about getting to listen to it with my group members and others in #ds106 that made it feel different. A good different, almost as though I didn’t just make this with my group for only us to listen to it lol (which we didn’t!). A lot of the times with group projects it’s usually presented to the class or given directly to the professor. Having our group projects broadcasted on the radio was a very cool and new experience for me (hence why I was extra nervous). It was really nice to hear feedback on the work we created in real time. Going forward it is important to remember what Professor Bond said after our show ended, (Y)our Story is not just about the past or the present, but also about the future. I have forgotten this when doing my assignments and I plan to implement this idea going forward.

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