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Radio Show Promo: Ariel


My first and only Design Assignment for week 7 is not in the #ds106 Assignment Bank. Under Radio Show Design Project on the weeks 7 & 8 assignments post each student is assigned with creating a promo poster for their radio show. Summary: A blog post for your radio show poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. Write this post just like you would an assignment post — with the same amount of detail we usually expect! Tag this radioshowpromo

Behind the Work

During week 4 of #ds106 I completed the Then-Now-Together assignment; you can view this blog post here: Since ’99. Summary: Edit a childhood photo of yourself to include a more recent photo of you in a pose that makes it look like you were part of the original scene. Pay attention to matching pose, detail, shadows, and color values to match the original. You can go back to your past, at least in your own edited photo!

My Radio show group and I decided to make our show about our childhood memories and our college experiences/life now. When we were talking about poster ideas, my previous post instantly came into my head. After explaining my idea and showing them my blog post, we decided to incorporate this visual assignment into our Radio Show Design Project for week 7. Each of our individual radio show posters will have a Then-Now-Together of us, as well as our name, and our favorite colors as the background. When all the posters are done we plan to put them together as one.

During the Work

As I had already completed the Then-Now-Together assignment, I started by importing the image into GIMP. After I opened the image as a layer, I opened a blue colored square as another layer and made sure it was the background (lowest layer) of the project.


The fuzzy select tool and the lasso tool were used to mask everything but the car and both of me. I then transformed the car to the bottom of the page and adjusted the size; during this step I kept the original Walmart smiley face beside the car. Next I worked on the letters of my name. I found each letter individually as a free use .jpeg/.png, then repeated the steps to mask the car, to mask the letters. Using the transform tool each letter was then resized, rotated, and moved to create a circular affect. My completed image wasn’t balanced when I kept the smiley sticker at the bottom, so I moved it to be the dot of my i. Without knowing I can select a portion of a layer and create a separate layer from it, I used the lasso tool to select the sticker and move it be the dot of my i. For the life of me I could not figure out why my selection would not move to the spot I wanted it to. Finally, I realized it was outside of the original layers parameters so I had to create a new layer.

ari's poster

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