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Road to Hokage


This week I have to complete 8 stars of Mashup Assignments. I already completed 3.5 stars for my Luigi’s Crossing: Animal Mansion 3 post. I will be completing A Changing Character for 4.5 stars, bringing me to 8 stars for this week. Summary: For this assignment you need to pick any character and follow their progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show will probably be best). Use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time. Try to make their progression seem as dramatic as you possibly can.

Behind the Work

The first anime I ever watched was Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden. I skipped all of the fillers, but it still took me several months to watch all of the episodes. During my first year of college this is all I watched; it was a great distraction from work and life. During my freshman year I wasn’t mentally in a good space and Naruto was like an outlet for me. Because of this, Naruto holds a special place in my heart and it’s helped me realize I really love anime! My favorite characters are Gaara, the Kazekage of the Sand Village, and Rock Lee, shinobi member of Team Guy.


Rock Lee

My favorite scene of the whole show is when Rock Lee uses drunken fist in a fight.

Although these two are my favorite, there aren’t as many scenes with them in it as there are of Naruto. Naruto is the main character and continues to be throughout all 41 seasons (20 seasons in Shone Jump’s Naruto and 21 in Naruto Shippuden). That’s why I chose Naruto to use in my changing character video.


During the Work

I started this assignment by finding each season’s opening. It was tedious downloading each video from YouTube in, so I found a video with all 20 openings from Naruto and a separate video with all 20 openings from Naruto Shippuden:

Naruto Openings:

Naruto Shippuden Openings:

I then imported both videos into iMovie and split each video into segments; one for each opening: 9 Naruto and 20 Naruto Shippuden. Next, I went through each opening and found a section with Naruto in it; everything but these clips were deleted. Then an into and outro were created using Canva; these were added in their respective spots. For my final touch I muted each clip and imported the Naruto theme song:

Naruto Theme Song:

The credits contains my sources for audio and video; each link is provided separately in the video description on YouTube.

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