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Since ’99


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Growing up I was a S-T-U-N-N-E-R, period. Wherever I was, there was a camera and sass. So when I saw Then-Now-Together, I knew I had plenty of throwback pictures to choose from to complete the assignment.

Behind the Work

When I was really little my parents took a lot of pictures of me being extremely sassy and cute… now that I’m older I guess cameras don’t exist??

Ariel being sick.
Growing up my dad loved cars, here is me in his.
Ariel and her mom at the beach

Most of the pictures of me are from family events, going out, or from random pictures taken. I don’t live with either of my parents, so I wasn’t too sure how to get my hands on these pictures. Thankfully, I never delete anything off my phone: texts, emails, photos. I found a couple of pictures from when I was little I wanted to use, but I wasn’t able to Photoshop myself into most of them. After some thought and planning, I chose a picture of me that my dad used to have hanging up in his office.

Ariel at the age of 1 (2000)

The reason I chose this picture is because it’s one of the only pictures I remember from my childhood. Obviously, I don’t remember taking the picture. What I do remember is walking into my dad’s office when I was a little older (maybe 5-7) and being proud I was on his wall… so proud I put a Walmart smiley sticker on it lol.

During the Work

For this assignment I used Superimpose, the same app I used for my The Wonderful Wizard of… Oz post. Photoshopping myself into the picture of myself wasn’t very hard as I am already very familiar with the app and Photoshop. What was hard was getting the lighting, pose, and angle right for the picture. I tried sunlight, no light, inside light, etc. just to get this picture perfect. I really had fun with this assignment and love how it turned out.

Superimpose Step by Step

  1. Choose a foreground and background
  2. Choose the “Mask” option, select the “Mask Tool”
  3. Select the lasso
  4. Circle the desired area of the foreground to manually mask
  5. Merge the background and forground
  6. Repeat until the collage is complete

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