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The Wonderful Wizard of… Oz?


For this ds106 weekly assignment I decided browse the last page of each category in the assignment bank. This gem was found on the last page of the visual assignments.

Behind the Work

Growing up, the Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie. I was obsessed to say the least; I had the box set, posters, dolls, cups, etc. I’m not quite sure why I loved the movie so much. Maybe it was the subtle transition from monochromatic to vibrant color or the idea of dreams becoming reality or the thought of having friends.

No matter the reason, it has remained my favorite movie growing up. I even got to see Wicked when I was in high school. Although I don’t watch it or obsess over it like when I was a kid, I do still enjoy it thoroughly. You could say, the Wizard of Oz was a big part of the beginning chapters of my story.

During the Work

I decided to use this assignment to portray my take on Emerald City as *drum rolls please* Yam City! Just look at Dorothy, Toto, the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man all in awe at how delicious.

In order to make the photo-shopped image I used Superimpose, an app I have on iPhone. The image from the Wizard of Oz was used as the background and the Yam image as the foreground. I then used the mask wand to get rid of the yam background and the mask paint brush to soften the edges.

final product

Superimpose Step by Step

  1. Choose a foreground and background
  2. Choose the “Mask” option, select the “Mask Tool”
  3. Select the wand
  4. Click the desired area of the foreground to auto mask
  5. Select the paint brush
  6. Under Settings choose feathered brush, adjust to desired brush smoothness
  7. Soften the edges of your foreground

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