Weekly Assignments

Weekly Summary: Week 14

This week was focused on completing my final project: Byte Me. In the premiere post I touch on how it doesn’t look like the trailers I mirrored my project idea off of. Even though I may feel this way, I am surprised still at how well it turned out. If someone would have told me I could completed a commercial, teaser, and video that look decent… I’d be like yeahhhhh ok bud. But, I did it. Going into the semester I was only taking this class to fulfill a gen ed. Going out of the semester, I am so glad I took it! I have gained so many design skills that could be useful in my future. I can even put these skills to use for my own personal projects and for fun! I loved getting to look at everyone’s projects and assignments throughout the semester. Looking back at the work I accomplished in the starting weeks, I am proud that my work has improved. Even though this class may be ending, this will be something I’ll always remember about my story.

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