Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary : Week 1

Me completing my ds106 assignments for week one (1).

OOF. That’s how I feel after my first round of weekly assignments. To start off my struggles, I could NOT figure out how to get to my blog after downloading WordPress… Yeah, I know, just click the link and it takes you to it… I did not think about clicking any links until I had stared at my computer screen for hours thinking I had to do it on my domain. DUH CLICK THE LINK, SMH. After I finally got started on my website, things got a lot easier.

I won’t lie, when I found out I had to make 4 social media accounts, I was ready to drop the class. After some thought, I decided to give the class a try as it is important to step out of my comfort zone.

Setting up Twitter and Flickr was so easy; All I had to do was hide behind my screen and make a post… YouTube and SoundCloud were not that easy. I am very self conscious and love to hide behind screens (hence, why I love online classes). When I am making a video or audio, I am front and center and that was the hardest part about this week for me.

I am proud of the things I have accomplished this week and am looking forward to furthering my social and creative skills. Here are my assignments for week 1:

  1. My introduction post:
  2. My thoughts on the theme:

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