Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary: Week 10


Daily Creates

For my 2 week 10 daily creates I completed #tdc3366 and #tdc3367. I had fun thinking of my different daydreams for #tdc3366. I am often daydreaming of sleeping, sushi, plants, traveling, etc. Most of all I want to travel to Japan AND eat sushi though lol. I had a little less fun with #tdc3367 🙁 I wish we could have had the option to add our own definition instead of a machine learning algorithm. But, alas, robots will take over one day.

Weekly Assignments

I am so PUMPED for this video assignment. I’ve been super stressed lately and have not been taking proper care of my mental health… or my plants. In my life, these two are directly related to one another. That’s why I can’t wait to film my video assignment. I have been neglecting a lot of my needs (and wants) in order to complete school work, but now I get to do both at the same time! We used iMovie in the photography class I took in high school, so I felt a little better going into this week. I won’t lie, the video essay was not my favorite and I was veryyyyy stressed about it. When I finally sat down and planned everything out, it wasn’t as tedious as expected… but I always pay attention to the little details. So it still took longer than I wished lol.

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