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Weekly Summary: Week 11


Daily Creates

The three daily creates I completed this week were #tdc3371, #tdc3372, and #tdc3373. I was able to incorporate my video project, Let’s Talk About Plants, into #tdc3371. Whenever I get to tie my weekly assignments into my daily creates I get really excited. I feel like the students taking #ds106 this semester don’t interact with my assignments a lot; when I respond to a daily create with my work, the chances of people looking at it are higher. For my #tdc3372 I borrowed my boyfriend’s iPad to use his Autodesk SketchBook app. I am right handed, so I used my left hand (finger) to create the farm scene. I do not own a telescope so for #tdc3373 I used a paper towel roll. When I was looking through it and thinking of what to take a picture of, I saw mama Nara staring at me. I decided to take a picture of her to share with everyone! I mean, when do cats not brighten someones day?

Weekly Assignments

This week I worked on my video project: Let’s Talk About Plants. I blogged about the progress in two posts. I decided to blog twice because I had two major steps when making my project: planning and creating. I had some changes from my original project plan, but change is okay! I’m going to use this lesson (blogged about in my premiere post) to help me better prepare for the final project. I need to think through my planning step a little harder. I want to create a project I am proud of and that is a longer narrative. All the thoughts I had about my upcoming final project were blogged about in my title sequence post. In the post I mention creating a new category, Final Project; I already did this and both of my idea posts can be found there. I’m really tired after this week. I didn’t realize how much work this project would be on my own. I was a little disappointed because I put in hours of work into making all the components of the video… and it’s only about five minutes. Although, I am proud that I was able to incorporate everything we have learned this semester into it.

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The video is awesome. You shouldn’t be disappointed that it’s only five minutes, because five minutes of good video can easily represent 10 hours of work, or more. The approach reminds me of the ESC: Sonic Adventure in the Anthropocene audio production we listened to back in week 5, in that it uses one story, plants, to tell another about mental health. Great work.

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