Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary: Week 12


Daily Creates

I completed #tdc3376, #tdc3377 , and #tdc3378. I didn’t have a hard time with #tdc3376. I use Nara to complete any daily creates that have to do with animals. This one was fun because she got to pose with her favorite items: a catnip pickle, catnip cat, catnip treats, and string toy. She sat perfect for the picture and I even gave her a treat for helping me with my work. I’ve been thinking about getting a cat backpack to carry her in because she loves to be outside. If I do get it, all of these items will definitely be in the pockets. #tdc3377 didn’t take me a long time either. I took a screenshot of my Twitter profile and attached it with a selfie of me because I do not usually show my face on my ds106 social sites. My last daily create was #tdc3378. I wanted to skip this one because I am not good at writing poetry. But, I decided to complete it and push myself out of my comfort zone. The aspects of my poem are included in the tweet it was posted with. I only had to create the first line and select the rest from suggested poet lines; I think it turned out really well!

Weekly Assignments

This week I had a lot of fun with the weekly assignments; it was also fun to have a break from creating projects. I tried to incorporate my story into each of my posts: games I enjoy, shows I watch in my free time, my love for computer science, and my awful procrastination skills. I think my favorite assignment was Road To Hokage; This was the assignment that took me the longest. I wasn’t happy with the video until the end and I think it came together nicely. My least favorite assignment was the Code It Like It’s Hot #REMIX because I didn’t get to do much with creativity and WordPress doesn’t give me the option to change text fonts. Although, I loved my Behind The Work write-up in this assignment.

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