Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary : Week 4


Recently I have found that people only reply to me if I comment on their tweets, rather than their blog posts. At first this really discouraged me as I’ve really been reading and enjoying other’s assignments, but then I decided to start incorporating questions into my comments so they will have to respond lol.

Daily Creates

This week I thought the daily creates were amazing; Each and everyone of them was so fun, I kinda wanted to do them all. Alas I did only the 3 required daily creates, because I am feeling really overwhelmed in all of my classes (don’t even get me started on life). The #tdc3323 was my favorite because I have never made a kaleidoscope before! I never have any trouble completing these and almost always have apps on my phone to accomplish the prompts.

Weekly Assignments

This week’s assignments kicked my butt; I felt extremely overwhelmed with blog posts. The week started out with me figuring out all of the Visual Assignments I wanted to do in order to reach 12 stars (I didn’t go past 12 stars because school is stressing me out to the max). I then set up a new post for each of the assignments; I do this each week to better keep myself organized and know exactly what I need to work on. When I started to work on each of the assignments, I realized the actual assignment wasn’t hard… I’m just really bad at forcing myself to complete the work in one sitting. Finally, I finished my assignments on the last day of week 4. I’m feeling a little defeated, but I’m looking forward to starting anew in week 5.

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