Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary : Week 5


This week I only made 8 comments. I read and looked at most of the posts, but was unable to comment on all of them. I plan on getting ahead for week 6 and reading up on everything I’ve missed/haven’t read yet.

Daily Creates

I chose to complete #tdc3329, #tdc3330, and #tdc3333 for my 3 daily creates for the week; out of the 3 my favorite was the spam submission I made. I was bummed I missed out on #tdc3332 … I attempted to download a picture of my Animal Crossing villagers onto my phone to post, but I fell asleep while charging my switch (I seriously have an issue with keeping my electronics charged).

Weekly Assignments

This week was extremely hard for me. I waited until Friday to attempt any of my assignments or even decide which assignments I wanted to complete. I put ahead my work in other classes and fell behind. Due to this, I feel as though my write-ups suffered this week. Although I was rushed to do my work, I was still able to figure out Audacity and Freesound! I am really happy with the audio submissions I created; especially considering I’ve never attempted audio mixing before.

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