Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary: Week 6


Daily Creates

For ds106 week 6 we were tasked with completing 3 daily creates. I completed #tdc3335, #tdc3336, and #tdc3339. This wasn’t my favorite week of daily creates, but I still had fun with them. They all took me about less than 10 minutes; I love how easy (but fun) they are! I always find that the daily creates are a great way to comment and build community with the rest of ds106.

Weekly Assignments

This week I decided to organize my week’s assignments differently than I normally do. On a typical Monday I usually look over the week’s assignments, plan out which assignments I am going to do, and then make skeleton posts for my assignments (accomplished using my reusable blocks). I had found that this was not helping me do my work in a timely manner, it made me feel like I was on top of my work when in reality I wasn’t starting it until late in the week. This week I decided to accomplish each assignment as I found it. I would search for an assignment to complete, make the skeleton post for only that assignment, and then complete it and post it. This helped me keep on top of my work this week and I plan to implement this strategy in the weeks to follow. Overall, I had a lot of fun with the Design Assignments. This has been my favorite week thus far! I loved getting to learn how to use GIMP and Krita. Who knows maybe I will start practicing graphic design in my free time.

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