Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary: Week 8


Last year due to Covid-19 I had to move off campus unexpectedly. I set up a lease, that unfortunately ended this week… in the middle of the semester. So this whole week was spent frantically doing work and moving. Due to this my comments suffered this week and I was unable to do the amount I usually achieve.

Daily Creates

2 daily creates were required for week 8 of #ds106. I completed #tdc3351 and #tdc3353. I was thrilled I got to connect my radio show to the daily create; it was basically a shameless plug for Walking Memory Ave! However, I got a little frustrated with the moon daily create because it kept saying it could not detect my face.

Weekly Assignments

This week we only had 1 “weekly assignment,” the radio show!! I blogged about my experience and the work I completed for our show in my radio show progress post pt. 2. The past two weeks weren’t at all what I was expecting; I really enjoyed making Walking Memory Ave. My favorite part was the creative process my group and I got to go through together!

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