Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary: Week 9


Daily Creates

This week I completed 3 daily creates: #tdc3359, #tdc3360, and #tdc3361. On March 24, 2021 I completed the #tdc3359 where I broadcasted to the world when and where my #ds106 radio show would be playing. I did NOT expect anyone besides humans to attend… I was entering the kitchen, right when my radio show ended, when I found my cat being held hostage by a group of aliens! Mama Nara was NOT having it. She began meowing loudly and would not stop. As I could not properly communicate with the aliens in English, I decided to sing a song (everyone likes a good tune); I chose Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles. After singing, the aliens let Nara go! I don’t know if it was because of my awful singing or because the meaning of the song reached them. Either way, I hope to never see them again.

Weekly Assignments

This week I tuned into #ds106radio to listen to radio shows from other’s in #ds106 and to also commentate during mine. I also reworked 2 past assignments and made a blog post about future project ideas. I didn’t have any difficulties with the assignments this week and really enjoyed them. My favorite part of the week was thinking about my future project ideas! I am now really looking forward to the future weeks and getting to implement a new idea of (Y)our Story.

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